What is LibreSCL?

LibreSCL is a open source library to read, modify and create Substation Configuration Language (SCL) files, as defined by IEC 61850-6 standard.

How do you use it?

LibreSCL is written in Vala programing language, producing C code and is available in different programing languages.

You can compile from source on Linux or MacOX using Autotools or Windows using Microsoft Visual Studio or MSYS2.


LibreSCL can be used on scripting languages, like Python, PHP, JavaScript, and others; check out how.

Get SCL support for your device

Your device could take advantage of SCL configuration description capabilities, by developing your device driver for LibreSCL

Where to get it?

LibreSCL source code repository is hosted by GitHub.

Who is LibreSCL for?

For Independent Software Vendors

Independent Software Vendors (ISV), can create collections of device or system wide independent configurations, supporting both 1.0 and 2.0 Editions.

Device configuration from ISV is possible if a LibreSCL driver exists for a vendor device.

For Device Vendors

While Device Vendors are working to support direct download of SCL files to configure their devices, that could be dangerous on malformed XML files events. Direct SCL file download opens the opportunity to create XML compatible files to configure devices using LibreSCL.

For binary only configuration formats, LibreSCL drivers provides equivalent functionality to direct XML download, but no changes should be made to device's firmware, while keeps open and support some Utilities requests.

For Utilities

Taking advantage of LibreSCL scripting, Utilities can create configuration stores using XML files, using scripting to integrate them on web pages and databases; including configuration changes detections and batch settings/configurations changes.

Commercial Support

Contact PowerWare Media Core to get commercial support for LibreSCL.

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